The Importance of Support

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Thomas Huebl is a contemporary spiritual teacher and a source of “awakened” inspiration for many around the world. Last night, Huebl spoke to a group of us in Vancouver——it was an incredible night. One of the the things he spoke about was the importance of “context” for our lives. Here is what I remember him saying:

What we find at the end of talks like this is that everyone is so open, so alive, so ready to live from the place they want to live from. But after these nights are over, we return to the context that we were in before, and usually we find ourselves in the same rhythm. We try to bring the new “context” back with us into the old “context”, but this cannot work. If we are to remain in this new space, then we must update the old; it must change into the new. There is no place for both.

This reminded me of something Clint and I were speaking about the week before: The Importance of Support. When things in our lives are meant to change (and undoubtably we have all felt that impulse for change and growth), then it is almost necessary to have support for that change. Support, in this sense, means community, having the select people in your lives that are supporting that new “context” that you are trying to bring or keep in your life. Inversely, it is just as important to move away from the community that is not supporting this new “context,” it is just as important to be wary of what is not supporting you, because they are actually supporting a different “context” and it is not going to help you keep to where you feel impulsed to go.

Support is fundamental in my mind for change, especially when it comes to moving in a direction that is closer to your true calling, purpose, and bliss. Although, some find this support hard to find. Or worse, they don’t believe that it exists at all. This can be a crisis in life, where we find individuals holding onto something that really they should let go of… only because they haven’t yet found the support. The truth is: support exists, those people exist——they ARE out there. Sometimes it takes a few steps before you find them, that’s all.

Think about the “context” that you are in. Think about where you feel the impulse to go. Is it different than where you are now? How so? What qualities are different? What kind of people would support that new context? What kind of people are supporting the one you are in right now? Who are these people? And how influenced are you by them?

These are dramatic questions when thought about deeply, but they are also some of the most important if change is really going to happen. Think about what’s supporting you and, more importantly, what it is supporting you in…

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