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“I love living. I think that’s infectious” – Will Smith

This is an awesome video that sometimes I watch every single day. Will Smith, known as a musician and actor, is also a great source of inspiration and wisdom about how to make your dreams come true. No doubt, it takes a lot of work, but Smith’s perspective of it makes it all the most [...]

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Swimming in the Winter

Why Peer Pressure is Good

  I don’t know if they still do it or not but when I was growing up there was a campaign to STOP peer pressure? Now I realize that it was just people who had shitty peers. Peer pressure is actually amazing. It’s one on the best forces you can put into place. I realized [...]

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Finding Your Passion – A How-To Guide

Hey everyone, This is an awesome article about finding your passion (if you don’t already know what it is).  The first step in living what you love is discovering what exactly that is, and for more than a few of us, figuring that out can be a challenging task.  Questions like: Is this really what [...]

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